Why do you need to chill wine? (+ ideal temperatures)

We have evolved to an age where wine is not just reserved for special occasions. People are sampling wines from different brands and countries of origin.

It has become part of our menu, and it is stored in cabinets and home wine refrigerators. And just like other kitchen appliances, the wine chiller has grown to be an essential commodity in a household.

Here are some ideas to get your wine bottle cold fast.

If you are wondering why you need to chill wine, you are probably on the right page.

Do all wines require chilling?

Wines taste better when chilled. However, they require varying temperatures depending on the chemical composition of each.

For instance, white wine has higher acidity levels. Red wine is composed of tannins. For the dessert wines, they vary in levels of residual sugars. Carbon dioxide is the backbone when it comes to sparkling wine.

In addition, they all differ in alcohol levels. This makes temperature an essential component when balancing the taste of your favorite wine.

Why Do You Need to Chill Wine?

Wine chilling is all about the humidity and the temperatures. This ensures no mold formations and that the cork stays in perfect airtight condition for professional purposes. Your wine chiller should allow you to control the air ventilation and humidity for your wine to be in total perfect shape during storage.

The temperatures should be regulated according to the wine in storage. For instance, red wine tastes better at 10-18 C while white wine is perfect at 7-10 C. Champagne, on the other hand, is better when chilled at temperatures ranging from 6-11 C.

At home, you can turn your unheated basement into a wine chiller. If you enjoy having your wine sip by sip away from the refrigerator or outdoors, you could consider buying a single-bottle wine chiller. It helps keep your drink chilled for a couple of hours. It is perfect for parties and picnics as well.

How to Chill Wine?

Freezer: This, however, requires that you set a timer for about 30 minutes. This will help avoid explosions from extreme temperatures. If it stays there for long, it may burst out, causing a mess. This is perfect if you need to chill your wine within a short time.

Fridge: Single zone fridges are suitable for one type of wine, while dual-zone offers two temperatures. Therefore, the latter is perfect if you need to store varying styles of wine as they provide different temperature options. For the red and white wine, it’s recommended that you get them out an hour or two before the happy hour.

Alternatively: You can use an icy salt bath to fasten the chilling. Put a considerable amount of water in a bucket, add ice and some salt and place your bottle of wine in it. The ice lowers the water temperatures by absorbing its heat. The water’s freezing point is then reduced to less than 32 degrees.

Wine has become a massive part of our meals as home entertaining has grown. Having your bottle of wine chilled makes you able to savor the taste of every sip.